Full-color step-by-step instructions and parts list (in pdf format) for building your own Micro Warships U-boat U-96.  All required parts are readily available at this time.


1:155th scale U-Boat Type VIIC

Required Pieces:  650

Length: 18.1"


Includes optional net-cutter add-on instructions.


Easy Bricklink parts ordering:  Create an .io file of the parts list using Stud.io 2.0, adding 1 of each required piece from the parts list.  Upload the file to Bricklink as a Wanted List.  Edit the quantities of each part to the total required number.  Order the pieces!  Easy.  No more time-consuming adding each piece, by piece, by piece....

INSTRUCTIONS: Micro Warships - U-Boat Type VIIC - U-96