The F-5 Tiger is a supersonic fighter aircraft currently in use by several air forces around the world.  This model is in "Aggressor" colors used in training as an "enemy aircraft".


Number of Pieces Required: 804



Length:  48' 2"

Wingspan:  28'

Top Speed:  Mach 1.63



Length:  18.5"

Width:  10.5"

Top Speed:  32.17 ft/s^2  (Not recommended)


Easy-to-follow, full-color, step-by-step instructions are in PDF format on a CD.  If you dont have a way to play a CD/DVD, a USB thumbdrive option is available for a $4.00 fee to cover the cost of the thumbdrive.  Please add this additional item to the cart if you want the instructions on a thumbdrive instead of a CD.   **INCLUDES XML FILE for easy Bricklink purchasing of parts.


INSTRUCTIONS - F-5 Tiger (Aggressor colors)

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