Spad. Sandy. Flying Dumptruck. Skyraider. Whatever you wanna call it. The Skyraider served a long career for the US Navy, Air Force and Marines - continuing to fly into the age of the jets. The Skyraider was one of the largest single engine, piston engine aircraft made. It's powerful Wright R-3350 Duplex-Cyclone radial engine (18 cylinder, 55L) was the heart of this massive carrier capable aircraft with a payload of about 8,000 pounds (B-17's carried that amount on long missions).


Functions: Free-spinning pitched-blade prop, folding wings, working ailerons, rudder, flaps, and elevators, tailhook, accessible cockpit, and deployable dive brakes.


Requires approximately 1,200 new condition Lego and Brickarms parts. Includes instructions and parts list for the display base AND the Heavy Ordinance add-on pack!


Downloadable PDF files in ZIP format.  You will receive a download link after purchasing.



Wingspan: 17.9" (wings extended)

Length: 13.6"

INSTRUCTIONS - A-1H Skyraider (Camo)