US Navy flight deck tractor, towbar, chocks, and chains.  No minifig included.   Flight Deck minifigs are available from other custom minifig makers.


Includes printed tiles from Brick Designers.

Pieces: 234


Due to the small size of the kit, Numfigs are not included with this kit.




Easy-to-follow, full-color, step-by-step instructions are in PDF format on a CD.  If you dont have a way to play a CD/DVD, a USB thumbdrive option is available for a $4.00 fee to cover the cost of the thumbdrive.  Please add this additional item to the cart if you want the instructions on a thumbdrive instead of a CD. 



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DISCLAIMER: LEGO is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which do not sponsor, authorize or endorse this product. This product is the designer's (NKCB) artistic representation of a historic aircraft, based mostly on photographs and drawings. NK Custom Bricks is not affiliated with the aircraft's manufacturer, nor does the manufacturer sponsor, authorize, or endorse this artwork. The designer does not authorize any redistribution of the instructions, for sale, free, or trade in whole or in part.

KIT - Flight Deck Tractor

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    Contains small pieces not suitable for small children - as they present a choking hazard, hurt when stepped on, etc.   Seller is not responsible for any injury/damages caused by the misuse of this product.   Do not eat - they don't taste good either.

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