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"wisky" glasses

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To begin, thank you for visiting NK Custom Bricks.   I offer a special discount/member program in exchange for your support.  In early 2020, I began the "WisKy Club" (which has nothing to do with Whiskey or alcoholic beverages).  WisKy refers to the build I was working on at the time, the USS Wisconsin Iowa Class battleship at 1:155th scale, a not-very-micro Micro Warship.  I offered a membership program for a behind the scenes view of the build process and offered a WisKy glass for sale.  Members got up to a 10% discount on future purchases as well as exclusive options, kits, instructions, etc.  While WisKy is built, the WisKy Club lives on.  

In exchange for your support (which helps offset website operating expenses, etc), I'm able to offer members special discounts, sneak-peaks, updates, free instructions, exclusives, and first-chance offers as a Thank you.  Each year, a custom glass (varies) will be offered. 2022 is the 3nd year, and is a custom engraved pint glass.  The glasses are included nearly at cost - I want you to get something physical "in hand" for your monetary support of my art.  The 2022 pint glasses have a smoky grey hue and are laser etched on two sides.  They are dishwasher safe.

I started the 2nd Instagram @nkcb_wiskyclub  page as a way to offer members a better opportunity to stay informed, and show exclusive photos of design and build progress.    

The 2022 WisKy Club membership options:

Level 1:   $35.00   Includes 2022 WC Pint Glass.  Access to the Instagram member-only page, access to the website's member-only page which offers early opportunities to preorder kits, member-only instructions, exclusive kits, etc, and random other impromptu perks.  Info is typically sent out via the Instagram page, but 2022 will include a trial-run with a monthly email. Membership runs for the calendar year, and all 2022 memberships and access rights will expire on 12/31/22.

Level 2:  $55.00  Includes everything in Tier 1, with the addition of coupon code for  
5% OFF  all purchases.

Level 3: 
$70.00  Includes everything in Tier 1, with the addition of coupon code for  10% OFF  all purchases.