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To begin, thank you for visiting NK Custom Bricks.   I offer a special discount/member program in exchange for your support.  In early 2020, I began the "WisKy Club" (which has nothing to do with Whiskey or alcoholic beverages).  WisKy refers to the build I was working on at the time, the USS Wisconsin Iowa Class battleship at 1:155th scale, a not-very-micro Micro Warship.  I offered a membership program for a behind the scenes view of the build process and offered a WisKy glass for sale.  Members got up to a 10% discount on future purchases as well as exclusive options, kits, instructions, etc.  While WisKy is built, the WisKy Club lives on.  

In exchange for your support (which helps offset website operating expenses, etc), I'm able to offer members special discounts, sneak-peaks, updates, free instructions, exclusives, and first-chance offers as a Thank you.  Each year, a custom glass (varies) will be offered. 2021 is the 2nd year, but the first year the glass is specific to the year.

I started this page as a way to offer members a better opportunity to stay informed - as not all members use Instagram or social media.  

The 2021 WisKy Club membership options:

Tier 1:   $15.00  Includes a 2021 Wisky Glass.  A custom printed, 11 oz whiskey glass for your favorite building beverage.

Tier 2:  $25.00  Includes a 2021 Wisky Glass + 2021 membership into the WisKy Club.

Tier 3:  $40.00  Includes a 2021 Wisky Glass + 2021 membership into the WisKy Club + 5% OFF discount.

Tier 4:  $50.00  Buy a 2021 Wisky Glass + 2021 membership into the WisKy Club + 10% OFF discount.

Wisky, or the USS Wisconsin if you wanna be official, is an Iowa Class battleship operated by the US Navy from 12/7/43 - 9/30/91 (with a few decommissionings in between).  1 of 4 in her class, she was numbered BB-64, the last battleship made for the US Navy*.  Along with the USS Missouri, BB-63, they were the last battleships in the world before being stricken from the US Naval registry in 2006.  The Wisconsin served in WWII, Korea, and eventually the Gulf war.  The Wisconsin now serves as a museum ship in Norfolk , VA.

Capable of 33+ knots, the Iowa ships were considered FAST for their size, designed to transport their arsenal and keep up with the fast Japanese ships in the Pacific.  The Wisconsin and her sister ships could fire a 2,700 lb 16" diameter armor piercing shell over approximately 24 miles with relatively high accuracy.  The shells could be flying for almost 90 seconds.  Her main battery of nine 16" guns could send 2 rounds per minute from each of her 9 main guns.  The Iowa's also initially carried a battery of twenty 5-inch guns, twenty 40mm quad mount and forty-nine 20mm AA guns for air defense.  Over time, some of the 5" were removed and the AA guns were replaced with four Phalanx CIWS , each capable of firing 4,500 rounds per minute of 20mm .  At the time of her final decommissioning, the Wisconsin was outfitted with a compliment of Tomahawk and Harpoon missile launchers.

The Iowa's initially carried, launched, and recovered their own floatplanes for reconnaissance, spotting, and search and rescue missions.  These were eventually phased out and their catapults were removed to clear room for a flight deck for helicopters and storage space.

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