Welcome to nk custom bricks. 


Whatever brought you here, I hope you enjoy the content.  whether you are young or old, lego's offer an infinite 3d canvas in which to design, build, sculpt, play, and display.  with a little time, imagination, and the right pieces, anything* is possible. whether you are 5 or 60 - lego's in some way or another have been apart of our lives. no matter if you are a lego fan, a military history buff, an aircraft nut, a model builder, accountant, custodial engineer, construction worker, unemployed, over-worked, under-paid, or over-stressed - legos can be a fun and creative break from life.  even adults like to have fun (well, most...).  let loose your inner child and let it play with your imaginative mind.  on that playground, anything* is possible.

Most of the items you will see are my own designs/creations in my personal collection.  A few items however, have made it to full blown custom kit status that i want to share with you, and are available for purchase.  as for the micro warbirds - instructions are available for download.  thanks for visiting.    - Nicholas

Minifig  scale

micro warbirds

Explore.  Enjoy.  Imagine.  Build.